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Ask anyone in the construction industry, a good foundation is the first and most crucial step in structural stability.  The job of a Chiropractor is to get your spine in line and your feet are your foundation.  If there is an inbalance in your foundation, there will be cracks.  You can spackle those cracks but if the foundation is not in balance, those cracks will just come right back!

You may know that everyone has an arch in their feet but did you know that we actually have THREE arches, all of which are very important in balance and support to the rest of our bodies.  They work together to stabilize our spine and pelvis and once they collapse, they cannot go back. 

Dr. Donna's practice is equipped with the latest technology, including a state of the art colorized foot scanning machine and software.  Each new patient's feet are scanned and you are given a copy of this scan to take home and another copy goes to the doctor to be discussed with you.

Foot Levelers can make you a custom spinal stabilizer that holds your adjustment longer and helps alleviate pain and fatigue caused by lack of arch support and inbalances in your feet.  Ask Dr. Donna or her staff about Foot Levelers for more details or email/ call with any questions about this great product.